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The Infinite Road between A and B by Mary Dana Abbott


maryDanaRooftopYoga “There are as many yogas as there are people,” (TKS Desikachar, the father of Vinyasa yoga). The meaning of this sinks deeper with age, and it’s refreshing to teach and practice from a perspective that one size does not fit all. Yoga is as diversified as we are, a vehicle of transformation that anyone can travel in. Where we go and need to go changes too, so there are also many yogas for one person.

Yoga can take us from A to B. It’s a path, or a journey. For many, B is a spiritual or physical destination, and for others, it is both. Some practice to relax, some to engage or energize, and others to let go. Maybe all of those apply in the same year, or even the same day.

When I was a kid, I took yoga to chill out. I could not wait for the guided…

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I am healthy and happy, usually wise… but i have a fat tummy!! Sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it. I certainly loved all the champagne that helped create the belly!

For the next couple of months i am chiselling it away. How??? I grew up a skinny kid…a beanpole. All i wanted was to be ….not skinny! So i learnt how to build muscle, went to 108 kg at my top bodybuilding best. yes i know that’s the sacred yoga number, weird huh! Having always been skinny then just big, i never worried about eating or drinking too much….until the last few years and i noticed the flab.

So it’s over.


I am fighting the flab with the best knowledge and products i have discovered:

Yor Best Body Challenge

Body Fat Breakthrough


Weston A Price and Paleo


Jeunesse Stem Cell Youth Products


To get these great things…. go to


if you are internet savvy….and hey who isn’t these days…

click the ‘join now‘ button on the top right to get wholesale pricing for a payment of $33 aud to get your account set up


click ‘preferred customer’ to get a small discount from my referral. I would recommend paying the wholesale account cost because you make it back on one product purchase of stem cell serum….but up to you!!!

Down below i have some screenshots of how the registration process should go, go for it or follow along below if you need help.

Please use the code name ‘timhulbert‘ if it doesn’t come up as you go through the registration process and you can access the wholesale pricing. So timhulbert should appear as your sponsor name automatically….but sometimes things go funny! If so just type it in.

OK what products to get???

I recommend using the whole system for best results….i know i know you have your favourite cream, cleanser whatever, but the biggest results do com from the people i have seen use the whole system.

Which is….

Basic System: cleanser, serum, day cream, night cream.

add masque for a boost once/twice a week.


You gotta use it daily for it to really work, and people often see results in 2 weeks, but 3 months is often spectacular.

Initially i suggest get the ambassador pack for best value and huge savings, it is about $1200 upfront but the basic pack is also good value for…the basics!! and around $215, plus $33 to add the cleanser.

After one month or whenever yo’d like more, do the prepaid autoship where you can have 3or 6 months supply sent at once and save some bucks on shipping. That’s what i do!

How much to use??? After 18 months using this stuff i notice i initially needed 3 squirts of serum at once, now i only need one to get that feeling of covering my facial skin, it’s like my skin has absorbed or renewed and it just doesn’t need more. Crazy! My skin feels so different to before i started taking my daily routine seriously. Big Difference! I hope for you too.

Here’s a link to screenshots of the sign up process

coming soon!!! contact me if you have any questions or need help….i did when i first registered!!!

3 Common Oversights by Yoga Lovers that keep their Muscles and Joints Strained Part #1

Off The Mat Yoga

Prayer-Twist-Yoga-Pose when all is in balance! Prayer-Twist-Yoga-Pose when all is in balance!

* Do you still feel your muscles and joints complaining
even though you do yoga to stretch, strengthen, balance and relax?

* Do you find yourself micro-adjusting muscles and joints in search for balance,
never being sure if or when you will find your sweet spot?

* Do you want to know how to safely expand your growing edge?

* Would you like to enjoy the benefits of yoga without the strain?

* Would you like to improve your posture without holding yourself up ?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you will enjoy and benefit from reading this blog series!

Before revealing those 3 common oversights that may  keep your muscles and joints strained unnecessarily, I want you to experience what happens when in your daily life and on the yoga mat,  you plug into your beginner’s mind. It is…

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